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On the GREEN WAY: Green economy our common goal. Scandinavian experiences in Polish reality

26 November 2020, 10:00

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The conference inaugurating the #OnTheGreenWay project was held yesterday! But that's just the beginning.

We would like to thank all our panelists for inspiring talks and examples of Polish-Scandinavian cooperation that arouse optimism!

H.E. Ole Toft, Embassy of Denmark in Poland
H.E. Stefan Gullgren, Embassy of Sweden in Poland
H.E. Juha Ottman, Embassy of Finland in Poland
H.E. Anders Eide Eide, Embassy of Norway in Poland

Mariusz Podgorski, IKEA
Bartosz Bursa, Saule Technologies Ltd
Katarzyna Zawodna-Bijoch, Skanska
Johan Lunabba, Stora Enso
Jacek Siwinski, VELUX Polska

We are very happy that we gathered high attendance (over 80 participants!), which confirms how important the topic of the green economy and #greenrecovery is for all of us.

The key note of our debate is the word ,,partnership''.

Cooperation between entrepreneurs regarding the value chain, dialogue between business and European institutions, public-private partnership and a common trust make up the foundations of #GreenTransformation.

Thank you all once again and we would like to invite you to our next event => the Energy debate that will take place on January 27th

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