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Neuroatypical people in the workplace - discover, understand, work together

21 March 2024, 09:30

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Keeping in mind the words of Dr. Anna Kieszkowska-Grudny that differences are the norm, not the exception, and that neurodiversity is a phenomenon that already affects almost 30% of us, we tried to answer the question of what are the needs of neurodiverse people in the workplace and what is their - as yet undiscovered - potential. 
The meeting was attended by experts who shared their knowledge on various aspects of neurodiversity - from the medical side, psychological side, talent management, office space adaptation through well-being and mental health, for which we thank them:
  • Wanda BROCIEK, Business Trainer, Mentor Coach I Wings of Change, hashtag#SPCC Board Member
  • dr Anna Kieszkowska-Grudny, CEO & Founder, Minds Of Hope | Institute Without Stress
  • Karolina Radziszewska, Vice President of Human Resources, Skanska CDE
  • Mikołaj Stolarski, PhD, Manager Success Factors & HR, KMD Poland
We would like to thank our guests for their numerous and active participation! Special thanks also go to our host, KMD Poland for co-organizing the meeting! Magdalena Czyżewska I Mikołaj Stolarski, PhD I Dariusz Kubacki .



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