Media about SPCC

TVP Polonia 24 - 20.05.2013
More and more Norwegian companies decide to hire Polish building companies for different infrastructural projects. Polish workers and companies are enjoying a good reputation in the country. Comment by SPCC Chairman Carsten Nilsen. Please notice the material is in Polish.

Młodzi Finowie biorą sprawy w swoje ręce - 10.02.2013
In "Czwórka na Ĺšniadanie", a morning show in the Polish Radio, Agnieszka Kowalcze, Director of SPCC, talks about the development of Scandinavia, the entrepreneurhip of young Scandinavians, but also the differences between the Nordic countries and Poland and the possibilities a cooperation brings. You can listen to the whole program here, however please note it is in Polish only.

Sustainable Development is Profitable/The Future is Green - 01.2013, the Warsaw Voice
Read why SPCC Sustainability and Profitability conference participants and speakers find that it pays off to be responsible and why Per Grankvist, the Keynote Speaker, thinks Polish companies need to start focusing on sustainability to keep up with competition.

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