Handelsbanken - SPCC’s Patron

1. What brought you company/organization to Poland?
The decision to start operations in Poland was taken in the late 90s. According to Scandinavian investors it was a period perceived as highly beneficial to enter our market. Many of our customers in the home markets have already existed in Poland or were considering to enter through greenfield projects or acquisitions. The bank was interested in extending service the availability of services to international customers  for known to  us. At the same time the position of Poland  was strengthening as an important economic partner in Scandinavia, in terms of investments and current trade exchange. In 1997, we opened a Representative Office and initiated efforts to obtain a license. In 2001, Handelsbanken established operations in Poland, and we have been supporting our group customers in their development plans until today. 

2. Scandinavian values in your company - how they are perceived and implemented?
Our way of doing business is based on the timeless and universal idea of mutual respect, in terms of our customers and employees. We believe that the only way to maintain long-term relationship means mutual understanding of needs  and finding areas that allow us to make transactions beneficial for both parties. Scandinavian simplicity understood as transparency and the reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy is a part of our culture. Even the most complicated clauses in contracts do not reduce transaction risk arising  from e.g. a misunderstanding of the intentions of the parties or business unreliability. 

3. How do you see the future of your business/industry in Poland?
Despite the macro-economic situation showing in recent times a slowdown in investment growth, Poland remains a country of interest for foreign investors. Sweden remains among the most important directions of export for Polish companies. At the same time Poland is developing as one of the leaders in the region in the area of modern  investment services sector for business. Various forms of funding and Cash Management services follow the development of business. In the long term perspective  the Polish market is important for many of our customers and same for us.

4. What you organization gains from being the SPCC member?
We are one of SPCC members with a long experience in the organization. We believe that one of the greatest strengths of meetings organized  is the ability to exchange business experiences with companies related to Scandinavia. Extending the network of contacts and exchange of opinions give us the opportunity to find inspiration to develop activities in a way consistent with the Scandinavian business model but also taking into account local market conditions.

Marzena Małek
General Manager


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