Green companies from Pomerania attend a trade mission in Denmark


A delegation of 5 Pomeranian companies involved in running sustainable technology businesses visited Agromek 2014 exhibition in Denmark in order to establish business relations as well as gain some valuable know-how.

The participants took part in one of the biggest trade show events for the agricultural sector in Europe, which was held between 25 and 28 November 2014 in Herning, Jutland (over 550 exhibitors, nearly 50 thousand visitors). This year's trade fair saw a whole range of products and technologies used widely in agricultural production, as well as in protection of the environment, alternative sources of energy, and ecology.

On 26 November a business seminar took place during the fair. PRDA along with Polish-Danish Chamber of Commerce introduced the characteristics of Polish-Danish economic relations, including opportunities for business, research and technological cooperation for partners in both countries. It also served as an excellent chance to promote attractiveness of investment in Pomerania highlighting the potential of the region with regard to green technologies, environment protection, and renewable energy. During the fair there was also a matchmaking meeting arranged for the companies. On top of this, they could advertise their offers at the stand of the Polish Embassy, which lend its support taking the trade mission under its auspices.

„We know Denmark is a leader in green technologies. While taking part in this promotional campaign, we showed that Polish companies have become equally innovative in this area in recent years" – says Bartosz ĹšwitaĹ‚a, the organiser of the trade mission on behalf of PRDA.

The delegation comprised 5 companies selected by an open competition, and they included Ekowat Wind from Slupsk, Flowair from Gdynia, Ekoinbud from Gdansk, Stakom from Tuchom, and Solpower from Chojnice. The trade mission in Denmark was an opportunity for the companies to present their offer, and most importantly to network and establish direct business relations with foreign companies.

Not only business.

The participants visited and gained an insight into the work of the science and technology Agro Business Park, which puts strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovations in agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technologies. Afterwards they went on to pay a visit to a model biogas plant located in the Park complex. Towards the end of the mission the party of delegates headed for the south of Denmark, to Sonderborg. There they were introduced to an interesting model of sustainable development as part of the „ProjectZero" initiative, whose aim is to create a zero-emission Sonderborg before 2029.

„In partnership we can reach increasingly more ambitious energy and climate goals to create more 'green' jobs" – says Peter Rathje, Director of Project Zero. Some 800 people from the area of Sonderborg have found employment thanks to the project.

This holistic approach displayed by the Danes shows how you can combine cooperation between private-public partnership, technologies, business and ... forward thinking in an effective way. The number one priority is energy efficiency and sustainable production of energy from renewable sources. A good example of this is extensive activity of a well-known company Danfoss, which focuses on climate protection and energy efficiency solutions. Its technologies are utilised worldwide. The participants of the mission were guests in the company's headquarters in Nordborg. Danfoss is present in Pomerania as well, where it manufactures solutions for the heating sector.

The trade mission was organised by Pomeranian Regional Development Agency within the framework of the „Invest in Pomerania II" project cofinanced under the Pomorskie Regional Operational Programme for the years 2007-2013.

„So far we have conducted 4 trade missions to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. Currently our project team is getting ready to organise another mission to Finland. We are also planning an international conference aimed at strengthening cooperation and exchange of experiences. Slupsk will see partners from the previously visited countries come together to exchange their experiences regarding development of modern solutions, as well as to discuss the vision of implementing joint ideas and projects in the fields of ICT, renewable energy and ecotechnology." – sums up MirosĹ‚aw KamiĹ„ski, the President of PRDA.

PRDA administers the Slupsk Special Economic Zone and Slupsk Technology Incubator.

The project was organised under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Economy, the Marshall of Pomorskie Province, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. The missions also receive support of the Scandinavian Polish Chamber of Commerce and AHK (Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

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