Five new local partners join Baker & McKenzie


For the first time in the history of the Baker & McKenzie Warsaw office as many as 5 persons were nominated as local partners. 

The existing local partners were joined by: Sylwia Puzynowska – Sech (labor law), Joanna Wojnarowska (real estate), S┼éawomir Chmielewski (mergers and acquisitions), Pawe┼é Magierowski (energy) and Jerzy Martini (taxes).

Currently the office has 10 local partners and 8 partners. The partner nominations represent a further step in our efforts to strengthen the position of the most dynamic international law firm on the Polish market.

It was a record year from the financial point of view - we achieved the highest growth in revenues of any European office of Baker & McKenzie. This was  achieved thanks to a booming market as well the hard work of the entire team, including the five newly nominated local partners. Sharing the effects of our joint efforts is a great pleasure and a fundamental part of our three year strategy for continued development. Clearly defined criteria for career development, including partner nominations, are a an important element of our strategy and in this respect we are setting new standards on the market - stated Marek Rosinski, Managing Partner of the Baker & McKenzie Warsaw office.

Additional information on newly nominated local partners:

Sylwia Puzynowska – Sech – legal advisor, specializes in advising on individual and collective labor law as well as social insurance. In her practice she deals with employment restructuring, employee audits, development of incentive and remuneration plans and also participates in consultations and negotiations between employers and employee representatives. Sylwia also has extensive experience in representing employers in employment disputes. She is listed as a recommended lawyer by Chambers Europe 2007 and has been with Baker & McKenzie since January 2005.

Joanna Wojnarowska – legal advisor, specializes in advising on civil law, real estate, construction and administrative law. In particular she advises on legal aspects of construction and commercialization of office and retail investments as well as on matters connected with "green field" investments. As part of her practice she is also advising a German developer in all matters connected with the commercialization of Rondo 1 in Warsaw. Joanna has been with Baker & McKenzie since 2001.

S┼éawomir Chmielewski – advocate, specializes in mergers and acquisitions with particular emphasis on transactions involving companies investing in real estate projects, including shopping centers as well as direct investments, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring projects in the industrial sector. Additionally Slawek specializes in environmental matters, such as environmental permits, legal issues connected with contamination of land and environmental issues connected with the investment process. Slawek has been with Baker & McKenzie since1997.
Pawe┼é Magierowski – advocate, specializes in advising entities operating on the energy market, including in particular with respect to regulative issues, M&A and private equity transactions, emissions trading and representation in public and arbitration courts. Pawel has been with Baker & McKenzie since 1996.
Jerzy Martini - tax advisor, specializes in VAT matters and advises leading companies from the FMCG, telecommunications, advanced technologies, insurance and media sectors in Poland. Jerzy represented a taxpayer in the first Polish case to be heard by the ECJ. Jerzy has been with Baker & McKenzie since January 2005 and is listed by Chambers Europe 2007 and the ranking compiled by Rzeczpospolita as one of the leading VAT experts.

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