Problems with Danish RUT System


According to Trade and Investment Promotion Section, since some time there are technical problems occuring on Therefore, Polish companies willing to sign up may have some difficulties in on-line registration.

RUT registration is obligatory in Denmark, and avoiding it is connected with financial fee. Thus, in order to register, you should send an e-mail to 2 following addresses: and In message you should state:
- company’s name
- SE number in Denmark
- employees’ data
- address of the company
(exactly the same data you would provide in on-line registration). You should save those e-mails in case of SKAT’s, police, trade unions etc. inspection.

Polish enterpreneurs working in Denmark, were recently told that there is a high risk of paying fees for each invoice, that was made before company was told to register in RUT (even before 1st of January 2011). Therefore, this statement is not true – confirmation was given by Mrs. Birthe Buur Hansen, RUT registration specialist. Penalties for the client and the contractor were introduced in January 2011, and they are applied if the company did not register in RUT yet.

For more information contact Mrs. Birthe Buur Hansen, +45 33 30 74 71. Information available in English and Danish.


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