SPCC Patronage: The Professionalism for the fourth time - Polish National Sales Awards





How important are the sellers to the sector? Does their work contribute to the enterprise’s success as much as marketing activities? How to reconcile the sale and the ethic? Organizers of Polish National Sales Awards are trying to find such answers every year.
This year they tried for the fourth time. Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce support PNSA once again, as a particularly important to the selling sector, especially in time when crisis may come.


The submission process for the annual PNSA competition Professional Salesman of the Year has already started. Visit www.pnsa.pl and fill out your application!

Applications for the IV. PNSA competition – Professional Salesman of the year started at the beginning of December and will close by 31st of May 2012. Registration is possible on www.pnsa.pl. During registration each candidate will receive a user account to be granted access to application forms. All applicants will be given access to application forms in all 12 categories. More information about the categories can be found HERE (please, click the word to be relocated to details). The final gala and the announcement of winners will take place in October 2012. 

The competition is open to any staff members of sales departments, managers, teams and coaches who deal with issues related to the sale in their daily work, regardless of the industry and company size in which they work. This year candidates will compete in 12 categories: Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Sales Team, Sales Professional, Innovation in sales, Sales Professional – Direct Sales, Customer Service Manager, MLM Manager and Local Government Leader and 3 new in this edition categories: Key Account Manager, E-Commerce, Financial Advisor of the year.

Please visit the www.pnsa.pl today, where you will learn more about the competition and will have the opportunity to register. PNSA gives people who work in sales a fun challenge and opportunity to compete against each other, but also the benefit of exchanging experiences and knowledge with representatives from other industries.

Take the challenge today and apply at www.pnsa.pl!
More information can be found at www.pnsa.pl or at number 22 853 56 22.

“During the last three editions, PNSA has become the icon of a project, which promote and reward the best in sale. PNSA shows, who is really responsible for the sales result of businesses and corporations and thus gives the human dimension to one of the most important sector of economy – sale. That is why, so high level of market interest in creating new categories to PNSA 4th edition, does not surprise me. It is also a prove for large effects of positivist work. We should not be ashamed of this term, because particularly in this time, when spectrum of crisis may return, we need such approach to work – honest, full of involvement towards employers’ organization and economy of our country. So let me invite you to fight for victory in all twelve categories of PNSA 4th edition” – ElĹĽbieta PeĹ‚ka, PNSA President.


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