International Meeting with Original Nordic Walking


Original Nordic Walking Meeting will take place in Warsaw from 25th to 27th of May in Warsaw. Special guest will be Mr. Marko Kantaneva.

A very interesting event for everyone who wants to be healthy and fit, will be organized by Fundacja Trzy Kroki Original Nordic Walking Polska
and World Original Nordic Walking Federation (ONWF).

Original Nordic Walking is the best all-in-one workout in the world! Walking with poles gives a really new type of opportunity to simultaneously achieve respiratory and cardio-vascular fitness and muscular strengthening all at the same time in just one outdoor exercise session! There are so many healthy aspects of Original Nordic Walking:

• it’s healthy for your heart: with 20-40% greater oxygen uptake
• easy on your joints: spreading your load over four feet instead of two
• you’re steady on your feet: it enhances stability and balance
• it’s heavy on your calories: burning 20% or more than regular walking
• it harmonizes your mind & body: with greater beneficial effect on mood and stress levels than regular walking
• it totally tones & tunes your body: nearly every muscle works

Being a part of  Original Nordic Walking Group has additional advantages – it’s Social Event where you can meet people whilst it also provides safety and motivation by way of group support. It’s for everybody – anywhere – anytime of year!

We invite all nordic walking enthusiasts, instructors and all people who have even never tried walking with poles. You are welcome to Warsaw to actively spend the May weekend!

What we offer?

• participation in 13th Olympic Picnic at KÄ™pa Potocka Park, where nordic walking will be for the first time promoted by Fundacja Trzy Kroki
• “The truth of Original Nordic Walking” - meeting for journalists with the author and creator of Original Nordic Walking - Marko Kantaneva from Finland
• International Original Nordic Walking Seminar
• ONW TRAINER (Silver) education session (based on CYQ certification model) for instructors who want to have international license

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