Kinnarps Polska: Celebrating its 70th birthday


Two boards and a bag of glue ... that's how it all started. 70 years ago, on the 15th of July 1942, Evi and Jarl Andersson bought a rundown carpentry. The only materials were two boards and a bag of glue, although the building itself was relatively new and the machines were working.

Evi and Jarl just wanted to have their own business, which would allow them to "pay the bills" and never imagined that their factory would expand the way it has. Today Kinnarps is the second largest provider of comprehensive equipment for offices and workplaces, as well as for the healthcare and education sector. The company has six own brands and seven manufacturing plants in Sweden and Germany. Its products are sold in more than 200 stores worldwide and the brand is synonymous with high quality and service.

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