Information about business in Scandinavia

SPCC Report "Direction Scandinavia - doing business in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden" (published in Polish)
Warszawa 2014

We invite all enterpreneurs interested in doing business in Scandinavia to read our publication "Direction Scandinavia" prepared in cooperation with companies which were cooperating with SPCC on the 1st edition of "Scandinavian SWOT" conference held in November 2013. In the publication you will find materials on each Scandinavian country regarding the following issues: current economic situation, legal and tax regulations, cultural differences in business and cooperation possibilites in transport and logistics.


BaltMetPromo Baltic Sea Region Investor's Guide
The BSR Investor's Guide introduces and highlights business and investment opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region, focusing on the following Baltic metropoles: Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Malmö, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Riga, Tallin, Vilnus and Warsaw.  It is the outcome of the BaltMetPromo Pilot Project.

Doing business in Scandinavia 2015-2016
A guidebook by Mazars explaining cutural and organisational conditions for conducting business in Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Sweden and Norway, offering useful information for anyone interested in expanding into the Nordics.

Handbook to Nordic startup investor market
The Scandinavian countries are home to 50% of European "unicorns" - startups valued at $1bn or above. This publication by KPMG Finland and Nordic Innovation is an excellent introduction to the Nordic startup environment and its investment perspectives for all prospective businessmen and investors.

The road ahead for Scandinavian industry
Digitalization of manufacturing, Industry 4.0, climate change and globalization of trade provide a challenge to traditional industries all over the world. This report by Tieto and KTH analyzes how the Scandinavian industry fares in this dynamic environment and how it can adapt and develop stable growth.



Invest in Denmark

Trade Directory for Denmark

Establishing a company in Denmark

A guide to the Danish tax system



Invest in Finland

Finnish Business Information System

Business Guide For Companies Planning To Establish In Finland

Fact Book: investing in Finland




Innovation Norway

Tax settlement in Norway in cooperation with Multinor

Norway Exports

Establishing a company in Norway



Invest in Sweden

Chamber Trade Sweden

National Board of Trade

Doing Business in Sweden - brochure prepared by Magnusson Law

Establishing a company in Sweden



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