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Norwegian Business Forum
SPCC National Section

Norwegian Business Forum (NBF) was established in early ninetieth as an informal organization integrating and supporting companies with Norwegian share capital operating on the Polish market, companies co-operating with Norway and individuals directly engaged or interested in the Polish-Norwegian economic and cultural co-operation.

Since March 2004 the NBF is an integrated National Section of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC).

The activity of the NBF has a form of regular quarterly meetings, which are great occasion for the persons managing the Norwegian companies in Poland to meet, establish new business contact as well as to share experience.

The SPCC members registered in the Norwegian Section are automatically members of the NBF. Today the biggest Norwegian companies operating in Poland are among members of the NBF: DNB Bank, Jotun, Yara Poland, Kongsberg Automotive, Kongsber Defence.

The objectives of the NBF are:

to promote the Polish-Norwegian economic and cultural co-operation
to integrate the management of the companies with Norwegian share capital and the management of companies co-operating with Norway in order to exchange the experience  to organize training according to the need of the members to conduct social and charitable activities.
NBF can conduct informational, educational and publishing activities and can co-operate with similar associations, institutions and organizations in Poland and abroad.

Norwegian Business Forum Board 2018:

Carsten Nilsen,
Amaze Sp. z o.o., (SPCC Chairman)

Vice Chairman
Jan Prejsnar,
Arpi Group, (SPCC Board Member)

Board Member
Artur Tomaszewski,
DNB Bank Polska, (SPCC Deputy Board Member)


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