Special Supplement with Rzeczpospolita - invitation for cooperation

Media Planet invites all SPCC Member Companies for cooperation in preparing a special addition on PPP, which will be attached to the Rzeczpospolita.

It will be a press release (8-12 pages), which will be delivered on 30 May or the first week of June in the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita (in the format of the Republic).

About the project at a glance:

Title: Public Private Partnership, joined forces - a chance for development

Project objectives:
- Raise awareness and knowledge of the preparation and implementation of PPP projects;
- Overcoming the distrust of the new method of public tasks, which is the PPP;
- The presentation of offers of the private sector for the PPP
- Promotion of public institutions

Scope of publication:

1) PPP - for whom (the legal framework, institutional arrangements)
2) Partnership in building (communal housing)
3) The chance for a better infrastructure (a private entity will build the road)
4) Public - Private Cities
5) Clean and tidy communities thanks to PPP

To participate in the publication were invited: the Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Economy and the Institute of PPP.

MediaPlanet has prepared special discounts for SPCC Member Companies.

If you are interested in cooperation please contact: Magda Drabik, Project Manager, magdalena.drabik@mediaplanet.com, tel. +48 604 269 488.



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