FRIKS - Foundation for Innovation and Social Capital Development


The Problem
Research confirms that social capital is of great importance for economic development - it facilitates negotiations, reduces transaction costs, shortens processes, reduces corruption, promotes long-term cooperation and knowledge dissemination, and prevents the abuse of the common good. While in less developed countries (i.e. also Poland), the main development resource is physical and human capital, social capital is an indispensable element of the knowledge-based economy, characteristic of highly developed countries. The level of social capital in Poland is one of the lowest in the world. Beside that, West Pomeranian region has the lowest innovation index in Poland.
The Proven Solution
The current goal of the Foundation is the implementation of pioneering, first of that kind in Poland,  universal educational program in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation/creativity and soft skills addressed to students of West Pomeranian high schools. The solution was modeled on good practices observed during an internship at Cambridge University and University of Oxford, modified, adapted and adapted to Polish conditions, led by high-class specialists who have gained experience in pilot editions.
The program was tested in one of the Szczecin’s schools for the entire year and the outcome exceeded our expectations. On high level - Average GPA increased by 15 %, drop out rate decreased from 20% to 5% and the school first time in the history took part in national innovation competition.
What’s next
From September 2019, it is planned to conduct workshops on a larger scale throughout the school year:  35 weeks x 2 hours lessons in the four first grades of 2 to 4 high schools and technical colleges, (approx. 200-400 pupils - depending on funds collected)
Financing the program
The foundation intends to finance the costs of conducting workshops in the coming school year entirely from private funds: as part of a crowdfunding campaign and donations from private individuals, sponsorship of regional enterprises operating in accordance with the concept of corporate social responsibility.
The next wave will cost approx. 160-200k PLN. The collected funds will be used to pay for trainers, prepare didactic materials for youth and logistics related to the implementation of training.
Therefore we are kindly reaching to SPCC members for financial support of any amount that can be donated via crowdfunding platform

or directly to Foundation (recommended for companies as its tax deductible):

IBAN: PL 70 2130 0004 2001 0964 3123 0001
Name: Fundacja Rozwoju Innowacji i Kapitału Społecznego
Thanks to this, social capital will be created, which in the perspective of several years will increase innovation and accelerate the development of the region.
We, citizens of West Pomerania and regional business leaders have a now an opportunity to fund this unique, effective and pioneering program.
FRIKS Management and Advisory Boards
Dr. Michał Twardochleb
Konrad Gutowski
Konrad Frontczak
Wojciech Faszczewski

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