CSR Cooperation proposal

The idea of CSR Forum is to create a platform of knowledge, experience and best practices exchange among the SPCC Members as well as a source of inspiration for both beginners and advanced CSR practitioners.  Our CSR activities this year are concentrating within three areas: meetings, common publication and the final conference which is scheduled for 28th of November. The next meeting will be held on 14th of June and we kindly invite everybody interested in CSR issues to participate. The CSR Forum meetings are themed and will focus on Corporate sustainability and responsibility in business partnerships and within the supply chain. This topic has been extremely relevant in recent years, especially for companies which work with foreign business partners. Most companies of the Scandinavian origin have implemented many good practices which can be shared with Polish companies. On the other hand, Polish companies are becoming more environmentally and socially aware and they are also developing their practices within CSR.

Therefore we would like to encourage and invite SPCC Members to share their good practices and CSR case studies, which will be presented in a common SPCC publication. Whether it is a new strategy or a success story of already implemented solutions, a code of conduct, business partnership, reporting initiative introduced in your company or any other CSR idea – don’t hesitate to contact us and spread the good practices in cooperation with SPCC. For details concerning cooperation please, contact: Sylwia Wojtaszczyk, SPCC, swojtaszczyk@spcc.pl, tel. (22) 849 74 14.


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