Scania Polska: construction of 39th service station in Poland started


The construction of Scania's 39th service station in Poland has commenced. The facility is owned by the company Hołowińscy-Scanserwis, an authorized Scania dealer. The construction is set to be finished in autumn of 2017.

It is the fifth service station owned by Hołowińscy-Scanserwis. The new location will be possibly the narrowest Scania service in the world - the plot's width in its narrowest point is only 41 metres.

The newest investment on Scania's service map in Poland will be located in Świecie, upon the Vistula, right next to the S-5 thoroughfare. Access to the service will be possible by two communication nodes. The freshly-built S5 thoroughfare will - in 2019 - connect Wrocław, Poznań, Bydgoszcz, and the Tricity.

During the construction, tried and true technologies will be employed, in accordance with Scania's standards. This includes the Astron system hall, heating system using heat pumps with vertical, in-ground heat exchangers, and service gates by Hormann.

General contractor for the project is SEZUP Clima sp. z o.o., of Piła. The company has previously conducted similar investments for Scania in Poland.

The service station will perform services including: scheduled check-ups, repairs of trucks, buses, industrial engines, post-accident repairs, laser alignment control, Toll Collect device installation, and 24-hour Scania Assistance services. An attractive range of new and pre-owned vehicles will also be exhibited.

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