Ericsson: supports IoT (Internet of Things) for the Polish agriculture sector


Letter of intent signed by Ericsson and PLON Foundation includes the joint preparation of the offer of services and applications for the farms.

Ericsson's cooperation with the PLON Foundation will concern the development of the concept, implementation and commercialization of IoT solutions for the agricultural sector in Poland. Engaged parties expect that process automation and cost optimization will directly contribute to the modernization of agricultural holdings.

"Development of the internet for things is one of Ericsson's strategic goals. Solutions for the agriculture have enormous potential in the current use of technology in agricultural work. The implementation of the internet of things is a step towards the next generation of mobile networks - 5G. An important element is recognizing the needs of the agricultural environment, so cooperation with the PLON Foundation will be enriched by the experience of the academic community in our projects", said Martin Mellor, Ericsson's CEO in Poland.

"Cooperation with Ericsson opens up new opportunities for changes in the organization of work in agriculture. The PLON Foundation's activities will allow verification and education of solutions that directly contribute to the modernization of agricultural holdings", said Robert Kaczanowski, President of the PLON Foundation.

Signatories of the letter of intent are open to cooperation with universities. Collaboration with academics will help to clarify and give direction to the implementation of IoT technology in the agricultural sector.

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