Volvo Polska Sp. z o.o.: seven more hybrid buses delivered to Sosnowiec


Volvo Polska has delivered seven more hybrid buses ordered by PKM Sosnowiec - five short and two articulated buses. At present, Sosnowiec already has 24 Volvo hybrids, by October the fleet will grow to 35 buses of this manufacturer.

Another seven hybrid buses produced for PKM Sosnowiec in the Volvo factory in Wrocław - five 12-meter Volvo 7900H and two articulated 18-meter Volvo 7900LAHs - were delivered to Sosnowiec. They will accommodate 90 passengers, including 26 seats (short bus) and 130 passengers, including 41 seats (articulated bus), respectively. They are equipped with air conditioning, USB chargers, monitoring, passenger information system and free Wi-Fi internet connection.

Volvo 7900 series hybrid buses are powered by electric power when starting and stopping at the stops. After reaching the speed of 20 km per hour they switch to diesel power. They are equipped with batteries, an electric motor and a small diesel engine. Batteries are charged while braking, and the bus does not require additional charging infrastructure. Buses of this type use 30 to 40 percent less fuel and emit 40 to 50 percent less exhaust gas compared to analogue diesel buses. They are also very quiet.

- Air purity and noise reduction are issues that are increasingly being taken into account when designing urban transport systems. We observe that local government and local transport companies are increasingly eager to look at electric-powered buses. PKM Sosnowiec's buses today are the third in a series of five deliveries of our hybrids to Sosnowiec. We hope that more cities will follow in these footsteps. For our part, we are ready to provide hybrids and electric buses to Polish cities - said Małgorzata Durda, Volvo Buses Director for Poland and the Baltic States.

Under the contract with Sosnowiec city transport company, Volvo will supply a total of 35 hybrid city buses - 25 short and 10 articulated buses, all manufactured in Poland at the Volvo factory in Wroclaw. To date, Volvo has already delivered 24 vehicles to Sosnowiec, and the entire contract will be completed by the end of October. Volvo buses are the first articulated hybrids received by a Polish carrier. It is also the largest single delivery of hybrid vehicles in Poland.

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