SPCC Photo Competition 2017


Postcards are no longer that popular as in the past – anywhere we travel, even on a secluded Norwegian fiord we can send a message or talk to our family and friends. However postcards still have their charm – a feeling of excitement when opening a post box and seeing a piece of paper that travelled so many kilometers to reach us with greetings and wishes. This year we decided to bring postcards to life in our Photo Competition. During the summer time, before we come back to work in September we would like to see what pictures will you send to us as your postcards from Scandinavia? What places will we find pictured on them?

If you are going to spend your holiday in Scandinavia, look around carefully because you might be inspired by everything around you. If you had a chance to visit Scandinavia in the past, look for hidden gems among the pictures from your trip! Send us the pictures which you would choose as your personalized postcards from Scandinavia.

Additionally, we would like to ask you to include a short description (max. 200 characters with spaces, in English) explaining where the photo was taken. You can also write some wishes and greetings from the place you visited!

The deadline for submitting your photographs is Thursday, 7th of September 2017. Each participant can submit max. 3 photographs and they should be send to: spcc@spcc.pl or delivered to our office on CD/DVD. The interpretation of the competition theme is very wide, however pictures which do not directly relate to the theme may be disqualified. The results of the competition will be announced during Welcome Back to Work Business Mixer in autumn 2017. The winners will receive prizes  and the winning pictures will be published in the SPCC Calendar for 2018. The prizes include:

Detailed information concerning the competition is available in SPCC Photo Competition Regulations:

Polish version
English version

Please read it carefully before entering the competition and place the following statement in the content of the e-mail:

“I hereby declare that I have read the SPCC Photo Competition Regulations and I do agree for all of its provisions, in particular concerning copyrights to the photographs submitted to the Competition”.

In case of any questions regarding the theme or the rules of the competition please contact
Sylwia Wojtaszczyk-Ci─ů─çka, swojtaszczyk@spcc.pl, tel. 22 849 74 14.


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