Business and Investment Climate Survey 2018

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce would like to invite Nordic investors in Poland to take part in the Business and Investment Climate Survey which is conducted in cooperation with the Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Poland and the German Chambers in CEE.

The survey will help to evaluate the attractiveness of Poland as the investment location and express the expactations of foreign investors regarding the investment climate.

The survey is dedicated to companies with foreign capital only.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and processed anonymously. Please complete the questionnaire until 1st of March.

Thank you for your participation in the survey! 

in percent (please specify whole numbers - no decimals, no % sign)

1 - very satisfied; 2 - satisfied; 3 - average; 4 - unsatisfied; 5 - very unsatisfied

1 = very attractive; 2 = attractive; 3 = considerably attractive; 4 = rather not attractive; 5 = unattractive; 6 = not attractive at all

This is a voluntary statement. Answers will be processed strictly anonymously! However, your contact information allows us to verify the composition of participants and to send you the full results of the survey.


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