Organizers of a new TV programme "Euro Show" are looking for participants

Kuman Team is the producer of the programme "Euro Show" for Polish Public Television (TVP1). The organizers are looking for the citizens of Denmark living in Poland, working or studying here, speaking Polish well or at least quite well, having interesting personality, open, fun-liking, not affraid of the camera. They also need some people who do not have to speak Polish, who will be supporting the team. Age unlimited.

„Euro Show” is a series of programmes consisting of 7 episodes. It is an entertainment show that will be broadcast on TVP1 (Channel 1 of Polish Public Television) in April and May, on Saturdays at 6.30 p.m. (replay on Sunday 1.30 p.m.) It is to precede Euro 2012 in Poland. The construction of the series will to some extent resemble the structure of the football championship Euro 2012. 16 teams will take part in the programme. These will be the „national” dream-teams composed of the citizens of the countries participating in Euro 2012. These will be well known people like stars of the popular programme „Europa da si─Ö lubic” broadcast a few years ago by TVP, but also many „new faces” (we are looking for such people).

The teams will contest in front of the cameras, a bit like the real football teams, taking part in various quizes, performances and special tasks. Some members of teams should have some grasp of the subject of football.
The show will be maintained in the convention of sport show, e.g. the art direction, studio design, tribunes for the audience, referees, etc It will be lots of fun. The team which wins goes further in the programme, the one that loses unfortunately falls out. The rehearsal in Television will be on the 28 of March, the first recording session on 12 of April. If you win :) there will be semifinals on 17 April, and final 8 May.

If you are interested please contact Łukasz Sobieraj: +48 694 310 357 or Jacob Steen Jensen, MBS Partners: +48 692 46 85 48


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