New SPCC Online Benefits

SPCC prepared New Online Benefits for All our Members. Once a week
our Members can use Sales Support Newsletter to reach over 3500 ppl
by SPCC Platform and Social Media. We present there latest commercial
offers from and to SPCC Community. Write to our team member
Ewa at
to submit your offer!

Another thing that you can do is to sign up for our new SPCC Expert Support
program (more info HERE), where we offer one on one consulting sessions
with experts from our Member companies. You can set up an individual
meeting with lawyer, coach, IT advisor by sending a message
to this address:

Enjoy the new online benefits from SPCC.
If you want to find out more info write at .SPCC Scandinavianbusinesscommunity businesssupport
onlinebenefits businessadvice getintouch

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