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online, 03-04-2020

Due to the virus Covid-19 remote work is not a benefit anymore, but a daily routine for millions of people worldwide.


During the meeting you will learn how to strengthen partner relations with clients during the crisis.

The webinar will be lead by senior associate PhD. Emil Smogorzewski and will take place on April 2, 2020, at 11:00.

Currently the hospitals that are mostly in need in Poland are being supported by packages with washing products, soaps, creams and more from Oriflame.

During the ongoing COVID-19 virus outbreak, fraudsters globally are attempting to exploit the situation to defraud businesses and individuals.

The Embassy of Finland would like to inform that LOT organizes two flights between Warsaw and Helsinki, 27 March and 3 April.

By the Act of 28 March 2020, the Polish Parliament introduced far-reaching solutions regarding lease agreements in shopping centers.

A pandemic is a time to create new solutions, make strategic decisions, reorganize and intensify work.

In response to the current situation, Belvedere Restaurant has prepared a unique catering service.

It's a cosmetic product that has antiviral activity.

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