Stranda Sp z o.o.

Phone: +48 502 033 033

SPCC National SectionCapital/country of origin
Stranda Sp z o.o. is owner of Stanica Wodna STRANDA a holiday centre in Mazury,1km from GiĹĽycko at Kisajno Lake.Our new apartments located in 30 wood buildings with 106 beds are open whole year around.Marina has currently space for 200 yachts. The centre has a total area of 25,000 m2 and 390m of water shore.
Our tavern is located 4m from the water shore and is surrounded by a terrace of 929m2. Here you can enjoy Norwegian and regional inspired cuisine and a beautiful view on the lake togheter with our own produced beer. We also have parking place for 200 cars.

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