NTG Polar Road Sp. z o.o.

Phone: +48 22 380 73 15
+48 22 380 73 04

SPCC National SectionCapital/country of origin
NTG Polar Road Sp. Z o.o. (formerly Polar Logistics Poland Sp. z o.o.) is part of Nordic Transport Group A/S together with over 45 other European transport companies.
We offer a variety of road freight services ( LTL / FTL ) to Scandinavian and Baltic Countries, Russia.
Our team - 90 persons - in offices in Warsaw, Gdynia, and Katowice. Net sales revenue 268 mln PLN.
ISO 9001:2015 No. 275997-2018-AQ DEN ISO 14001:2015 No. 267920-2018-AQ-DEN DPD 12_GDP_10011 TUV

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