Webcast Deloitte


19 May,  10.00-11.00

Webcast Deloitte

„Big companies in crisis time- between optimism and uncertainty”
Webcast leader:
Małgorzata Starczewska-Krzysztoszek, Director of Economical Analysis PKPP Lewiatan Department
Dariusz Kraszewski- Deloitte Partner
RafaĹ‚ Antczak- Deloitte Vice PresidentWe are inviting for online common Deloitte and PKPP Lewiatan research: “Monitoring condition of big entrepreneurs” , which can be interesting for many clients.

Big companies have big scale of activity and bigger resources to protect themselves against difficult economic situation. However, in unsecure time as we have now, this trump card can be not enough. What is real condition of big companies that employ more than 250 people?

During webcast you can find out about:
To what degree big companies in Poland suffer from crisis?
What kind of conditions influence their selling plans and investments?
Where big companies are putting their money?
Can they see chance for themselves in crisis time?

You can find more information and register : www.deloitte.com/pl/webcasty

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