Scandinavian in the Economic Council in Szczecin


Economic Council was established at the end of March 2009 by Szczecin President thanks to the Szczecin’s entrepreneurs initiative. The main goal of this Council is to consult all initiatives and economical decisions that are undertaken by the Western Pomerania authorities. The biggest focus will be put on giving opinion on matters linked with Szczecin economical development. Moreover, Council is responsible for giving recommendations about solution concerning city economy, including City Council draft resolutions and President’s regulations.

Szczecin President, Piotr Krzyska considers that although Szczecin has not been influenced by economical slowdown so much as other cities in Poland, it is vital to consult the most important economical decisions with both: Polish and foreign entrepreneurs.

Land development plan around DÄ…bie lake, problems connected with economical crisis,  possibilities to ease economical crisis consequences for Szczecin business and other plans regarding city tax policy will be discussed during the nearest  session, 7th of May.

Kaare Nordbo, who is SPCC representative in the Western Pomerania region, will be member of the Economic Council starting from the closest session. Economic Council  consists of Szczecin authorities, representatives of local and regional Chambers of
Commerce, business associations, scholars from Szczecin Universities and members of boards from the most important Szczecin companies. Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce is the first foreign business representation that is sitting in the Economic Council.

West Pomerania SPCC office was established in 19 March 2009 in Szczecin. H.E. Dag Hartelius, Swedish Ambassador to Poland and Peter T. Nielsen, SPCC Chairman, were present during opening ceremony. Kaare Nordbo, Nordbo Enterprises owner and Segel Polska chairman is the SPCC representative in Western Pomerania. Szczecin office is located in Niepodległości street, number 17.

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