Seminar "How to effectively conduct business in Norway", Oslo, 15th October 2015

Oslo, 11-09-2015

The 15th of October 2015 a seminar will take place in Oslo, Norway, where you can learn how to effectively conduct business in Norway. Also legal aspects related to recent changes in the Norwegian labor law will be presented during this seminar.
The conference is designed both for companies already operating in the Norwegian market as well as those who plan to successfully doing business in Norway.

Business culture and doing business is different for each country. The conference aims to, among others, to provide knowledge that will help entrepreneurs break the code for how to do business negotiations in Norway.

Planning to hire employees in Norway, or already done that?
Learn how to apply the rules to be in conformity with the law and the most effective use of all the possibilities offered by the Norwegian labor law.

The speakers will share their knowledge, among others, in terms of:
- Temporary employment: The new rules allow entrepreneurs optimize the costs of employees. You will learn what changes to make the management of human capital to more profitable business.
- Averaging working hours: The law expanded the possibility of averaging working time. You will learn how, in practice, take advantage of new opportunities, which provide the latest changes in the code of labor law.
- Penalties for violations of the law: Entered into force higher penalties for breaking the labour law! You will learn how to customize the working environment so you avoid violations of the law and learn about your responsibilities as employer.

The conference is conducted by a prestigious polish-speaking law firm in Norway Garstecki Advokatfirma

Among Speakers will be lawyers, businessmen, politics and PR representatives.

The conference program, a description of the speakers and the ability to make reservations
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