PAIiIZ: Bloomberg Innovation Index


Poland jumped to the 23rd place in Bloomberg Innovation Index 2016 that measures the most innovative economies in the world.
There has been a significant change on the podium in this year’s Bloomberg Innovation Index. The first place has been maintained by South Korea, ‘the country that puts a lot of money toward developing new technologies and produces its fair share of the world's engineers’, Bloomberg writes. The second is Poland’s western neighbour - Germany that jumped up from the third position, while the third is Sweden. This Scandinavian country outclassed Japan to the fourth place of Bloomberg Innovation Index.
Also Poland made a progress by two steps y/y and leaving all Central Eastern Europe neighbours far behind. So did the country with such global players as Italy, Spain or Hong - Kong. The report shows that Poland’s improvement in implementation of innovations is due to development of R&D intensity and research concentration.
Bloomberg Innovation Index measures 200 global economies is such areas as R&D intensity and concentration, productivity, tertiary efficiency or patent activities. (Bloomberg)
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