SPCC Recommends: ‘Masters & Robots’ – melting pot of innovation again in Warsaw!


The future is coming! Longevity, Biotechnology, in vitro meat, artificial intelligence, reading emotions, robotics, the blockchain, the future of media and medicine, investing in technology. That is is the world of tomorrow which we will show you during 2nd edition of the “Masters &Robots” event on 13th-15th November. Get ready for a massive dose of knowledge about the practical use of new technologies and modern business management.

The central theme of the event is digital transformation and how it will affect us in 10 years.

In Poland, we mostly encounter the theory of digital change. There are very few practical examples of implementations and specific case studies that can be inspiring. Our knowledge in the field of new technologies is limited only to selected areas. Meanwhile, technology has to be learned as a whole, because you never know which element will have a disruptive impact on our industry. That is why we organize ‘Masters & Robots’ – to share unique knowledge in this areaJowita Michalska, founder of Digital University, event organizer.

The education of ‘Masters & Robots’ participants will be taken care of by the ‘global elite of lecturers and practitioners. Our guests work in the most dynamic technology and business centers in the world (e.g., Silicon Valley, Israel, MIT). Workshop participants will be able to enter into deep dialogue with them and benefit more from ‘Masters & Robots’.

The event will also feature Singularity University, whose Warsaw branch – SingularityU Warsaw Chapter – will organize an open meeting during the ‘Masters & Robots’.

Speakers of the ‘Masters & Robots’ will include:

Peter Gloor – one of the highest authorities in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning from MIT. Peter is not only a theoretician. Together with the team, he developed and implemented, among others Happimeter – a smartwatch used to read emotions. Happimeter will not only determine our emotional states but also make it possible to predict them in given situations, company or places (with an accuracy of 94%!). Peter Gloor’s projects are the fulfillment of the vision from the Black Mirror series. At ‘Masters & Robots’ he will talk about how to apply his technology to reading moods in large organizations.

Mark Post – lecturer at Singularity University, founder of MosaMeat, creator of the first in-vitro hamburger, specialist in molecular agriculture. Mark Post fulfills the dream of Winston Churchill to produce meat without slaughtering animals. The money in his vision was invested, among others Sergey Brin (creator of Google) and Merck. Today MosaMeat is one of the global pioneers in the production of so-called ‘Pure meat.’ At ‘Masters & Robots’ he will explain why in vitro meat will change the future of food.

Andra Keay – one of the most influential women in robotics’ world. Founder of Silicon Valley Robotics, dealing with market development and commercialization of robots. Andra works to make sure that different industries and businesses can benefit from the achievements of robotics. She also promotes the social applications of robots. Mentor, investor, advisor, a lecturer at Singularity University. A committed feminist. In the past a member of Australian punk bands. Follow her at @RobotLaunch

Natasha Vita-More – queen of transhumanism, founder of Humanity+, the largest organization promoting this philosophy. She designed the model of the future human – Primo Posthuman – an artistic vision of the human species. Natasha is an adviser to Singularity University, the author of many works in the field of human development and radical life extension. At ‘Masters & Robots’ she will talk about the business side of transhumanism. Follow her at @NatashaVitaMore

‘Masters & Robots’ is organized by Digital University – specializing in education in digital transformation, future competences and also the exclusive representative of Singularity University in Poland.

The main partner of the event is Sebastian Kulczyk (well-known Polish investor, Singularity University alumni). List of sponsors include: Deloitte, Siemens, PGNiG, PLL LOT and DZP.

Our honorary partners are The Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Digital Affairs, Copernicus Science Center, The City of Warsaw and the CCI France Pologne.

The event is supported by main media outlets in Poland: Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, Chilii ZET, Warsaw Business Journal, Wysokie Obcasy and Business Insider.

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