San Markos for Devi in 23 countries


For the first time Devi charged Polish agency - San Markos Republika Dobrej Marki - with a task of preparation of an international advertising campaign. This advertising agency has gained its budget thanks to the pitch.

The main aim of his campaign is to convince potential customers that the running costs of DEVI floor heating are lower that it is usually thought. What is more, installation of the DEVI systems, thanks to the special heating mats, is very simple. The refreshment of the brand image is as well the aim of the undertaken actions.

San Markos was to prepare a suitable message targeted at two different groups – customers and installers. The greatest challenge for the advertising agency  was to elaborate creation line attractive in 23 strongly diverse countries, such as Canada, China, Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, South Africa or New Zealand. The message had to be so universal that convictions and habits of customers in Australia as well as in  Estonia would be  taken into consideration.

Press is the main advertising media used in the campaign.  Robert SobociĹ„ski is the author of the advertising material.

Currently, work on the next uncover of the international campaign is in progress.

DEVI, the company which is a part of the  Danfoss Group, is one of the biggest producer of the floor heating  systems all over the Word. Currently, 35 percents of its  shares are in the European Market (in Poland 30 percent) and 24 percent in the world market. 

San Markos - Republika Dobrej Marki was the best advertising agency in  SMILE CHECK- research measuring clients’ satisfaction from the work of the advertising agencies and media houses in Poland, organised by SAR and Press magazine. San Markos is a member of SAR and is active in the Advertisement Board, in which Magdalena Czaja, the chairman of the agency, acts as a vice-chairwoman of the  presidium of the Commission of Ethics in Advertising.
In the portfolio of the agency are companies such as: AMS, Budimex Nieruchomości, OBI, Purmo, Bosch, STOEN SA, Telekomunikacja Polska.
The group of San Markos ( includes also Loyal Garden, specialising in Loyal Marketing.

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