14th september 2006 ECCO Walkathon


It all started in 1999...

ECCO Walkathon is about donating money with your feet and gathering impressions with your eyes. Danes were given the opportunity for the first time in 1999, when the first ECCO Walkathon was held in Warsaw.
Since then the event has gone from strength to strength, spreading across most of the world. But the principle has remained the same. For each kilometer you cover as a participant, ECCO donates 3 to the Polish Heart Association, PAH or WWF. You yourself decide to which Charities your Walkathon Donation is given.

At the same time as your efforts are helping to make a difference, you can have a great time together with family and friends since there is an entertainment program before, during and after the walk, on the routes and at Pola Mokotowskie, the focal point of the event.

Bring along a camera
As something completely new this year, we are introducing a photo competition where all participants bringing along a camera can compete for great prizes. Lots of fun guaranteed!

Participation costs 8 pln for adults and 4 pln for children under 12 years. The fee covers a small part of the event – all other costs are paid for by ECCO.

You can register and pay the entry fee here http://www2.eccowalkathon.com/warsaw/english/tilmelding/ from 17 July until 23 September or, you can also register in selected ECCO shops over the whole country from 3 July to 23 September.

More details available here: http://www2.eccowalkathon.com/warsaw/english/

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