Polish National Sales Awards


From January onwards, the 2nd edition of Polish National Sales Awards – Professional Sales Person of the Year has begun. The applications can be submitted until 30th April. SPCC is a Patron of this competition.

The following employees can participate in the contest: sales department employees, directors, teams and coaches, whose every day work involve sales, regardless of the craft and the size of one’s company.

2nd edition of Polish National Sales Awards consists of 12 categories: Sales Manager of the Year, Sales Team of the Year, Sales Coach of Year, Sales Leader of the Year, Salesman of the Year, Innovation in the Sales Field, Sales Debut of the Year, Salesman of the Year – direct sale, Leader of using UE subventions, The most innovative undertaking of the Year and two completely new: Manager of the trade MLM and the Manager of the customer service. 

Polish National Sales Awards is quickly becoming a contest, which apart from pointing out the leaders in the particular categories, is setting the sales standards based on the best practices.

Polish National Sales Awards is not simply a competition and a challenge for those involved with sales, above all it gives a possibility to profit from the experience and knowledge of the representatives of the various fields.

If Sale is you Life, take upon the challenge today.

Details of how to apply on  www.pnsa.pl

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