New report of UOKiK on mobile phone operators


In connection with the signals received from consumers, UOKiK [Office for Competition and Consumer Protection] inspected the biggest mobile phone operators who offer their products and services by way of tele-sale and internet. The Office analyzed dozens of contracts, regulations and other documents connected with the rendered services and sales. The results of the inspection have been presented by the Office in the beginning of May. In case of some of the operators the Office pointed out e.g. the lack of clear information about the moment of the conclusion of the contract by the consumer, making it difficult for consumers to get acquainted with the contract before signing it as well as possibilities to mislead the consumers when it comes to the range of operation of the mobile phone network and Internet. In accordance with the press announcement of the Office, as a result of its findings UOKiK commenced proceedings against two mobile phone operators.

Contact person: Mirosław Stefanik,

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