Easier access to telecommunication in Poland?


On May 20 the Speaker of the Sejm (performing the President’s duties) signed the act on supporting development of telecommunication services and networks, the main purpose of which is to ensure that access to telecommunication in Poland will be developed.

The solutions included in the act were prepared using the experiences of other countries especially France, Austria, Finland and Great Britain.

The act pertains among others to determining forms and rules of supporting telecommunication investments connected with wideband networks in Poland, rules of access to the telecommunication infrastructure, rights and duties of investors and owners of real estates from the point of view of rendering telecommunication services as well as rules of locating wideband networks and other telecommunication infrastructure.

Except for one article, the act is to become binding 30 days after it has been announced.

Contact person: Mirosław Stefanik, ms@pnplaw.pl

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