Proposition to lift burdens off entrepreneurs


On June 8 the Polish government accepted the draft act as presented by the Minister of Finance on changing the Act on Prices. Now, the draft will be discussed by the Parliament.

The major purpose of the proposed changes is to lift bureaucratic burdens off entrepreneurs. The changes invalidate the provision which has obligated an entrepreneur establishing the contractual price or even applying the price set by the government to determine the detailed quality characteristics of the goods (services) in a written form and in the manner accessible to a purchaser. Yet another provision to be abolished would be the provision which has obligated an entrepreneur being a producer or a seller to lower the price each time the goods do not have the required qualities as determined in the detailed quality characteristics, or they are defective or damaged.

The new provisions would come into force 3 months after the date of their announcement in the Journal of Laws.

Contact person: Mirosław Stefanik,

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