Severe penalties for obstructing antimonopoly control


The President of the Antimonopoly Office (UOKiK) is conducting proceedings which relate to penalising two mobile phones operators, namely Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa and Polkomtel, in connection to their hindering the control during the proceedings regarding the mobile TV market. The present proceedings are a result of the controls and searching conducted in December 2009 in the premises of the two operators.
In the opinion of the President of UOKiK, both companies hindered the control, i.a. by making it impossible for the officials to start control actions immediately, and in case of Polkomtel also by not releasing the hard disc with IT data relating to the company’s business and by not releasing documents as requested.
It is worth remembering that, pursuant to the law, the President of UOKiK may impose penalties up to EUR 50 million on an entrepreneur and up to fifty-fold average remuneration on an individual authorised by the entrepreneur who is being controlled. It has already happened in the past that the President of UOKiK has resorted to the possibility of imposing monetary penalty on companies which refused to co-operate in the course of conducted proceedings.
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