PAiIZ: Foreign Investments in Poland in the first half of 2010.


In the first half of the year Polish Information and Foreign Investments Agency (PAiIZ) successfully brought to an end 29 new investments worth EUR 337 mln. Thanks to them over 6000 be work places will be created in Poland.

Today, when the crisis verified economic potential of economies all over the world, Poland seems very attractive, as it assures a deficit product, such as economic stability. Since the end of the previous year the interest in our country has significantly grown. Great many potential investors admits that couple of months ago they did not take into account Poland as a location fot their investment - emphasises SĹ‚awomir Majman, the President of PAiIZ.

The shares of countries investing in Poland in PAiIZ projects has not changed considerably. The largest part of projects comes from USA and the United Kingdom. Investment regard mainly BPO sector (innovative services in the area of sales, marketing) and R&D (research and development), as well as aviation and mechanical sectors. Results of the last research of Ernst&Young show that during the next three years Central and Eastern Europe will be the third most attractive region for foreign investments, after China and India and that the most rapidly growing sectors will be innovative services. Changes resulting from the crisis of 2008-2009 bring a gradual drop of share of investments in capital-intensive and production sectors in aid of services.

The main competitive advantages of Poland such as: size of internal market and its dynamic growth, highly qualified employees, access to international and local markets, presence of subcontractors and partners and an attractive system of investments encouragements are supported by the newest World Investment Report 2010 prepared by UNCTAD. According to the report Poland is among 12 most attractive countries for investors.

Source: Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAiIZ)


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