Hanne Hukkelbarg performing in Poland

Poznań, Warszawa, 17-09-2010

A Norwegian artist, multi-instrumentalist and author of many texts, will give performances in Warsaw (17.09) and PoznaĹ„ (18.09).

In her work, Hanne uses many unconventional sounds - You can hear a sound of a train, stones, or dogs barking.

Her performances will take place:

Hanne Hukkelberg - Norwegian artist and a multinstrumentalist. Her music is associated with Scandinavian climate and landscapes. She grew up in a family of musicians, so she started to sign and play instruments as a child. In spite of inconventional sounds used in her music - everything in her compositions is put together with great perfection. This is how she attracts the listener - not only with the perfection of her compositions, but also with beautiful sound of her voice.

Source: Norwegian Embassy in Poland


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