Assumptions for draft state budget for 2011


On July 13, the Government accepted the Assumptions for the Draft State Budget for 2011 which refer i.a. to major macroeconomic indices, i.e. GDP rise of 3.5%, the average remuneration of PLN 3,359, the unemployment rate of 9.9% at the end of the year. Under the assumptions, the state budget incomes in the next year are to be influenced by the consequences of system changes, e.g. VAT-related changes i.a. increasing from PLN 100,000 up to PLN 150,000 the limit of the annual turnover which entitles taxpayers to VAT exemptions in 2011 or CIT-related changes i.a. introduction of exemption of foreign investment and retirement funds from the income tax.

Contact person: Mirosław Stefanik,

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