Amendments concerning energy investments


The Sejm approved a draft amendment to the Act on Real Estate Management and the Act on Spatial Planning and the amendment is now to be discussed by the Senate. The purpose of the change to the former of the two acts mentioned above is to have construction and maintenance of appliances and building structures for transmission and distribution of electrical energy (e.g. wind power plants) recognised as serving “public purpose”. Awarding of the public-purpose-status to generation of electrical energy should allow, first of all, facilitation and shortening of the procedure of obtaining localisation decisions for new investments. The purpose of the change to the latter of the two acts mentioned above is to introduce order to spatial development with relation to planning of energy-related investments through imposing a duty to take into account the possibility to exploit resources of local energy sources in a study and a spatial development plan respectively. The act should start to bind after it has been signed by the President and 30 days from its announcement.

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