Sweden leaves crisis behind


Economic situation in Sweden is getting better - with recent high rise in GDP and a strong currency Sweden is leaving crisis behind attracting more investors.

Sweden as one of the very few countries in the EU has managed to keep the budget surplus (0,3% of GDP) and a high increase in GDP of 5,5% in 2010. The budget surplus encouraged the government to lower the taxes in order to increase employment - if the present trend continues, the unemployment rate will fall down to 5% in 2014. This would be the lowest unemployment level since 1991.

In the ranking of competitiveness, recently published by the World Economic Forum (Global Competitiveness Index 2010-2011), Sweden ranks Second, behind Switzerland, pushing United States into fourth place. Moreover, Sweden was ranked as the economy with the most developed information and communication technology (ICT) and as the most competitive digital economy.

The Swedish buoyant economy is a major trade partner for Poland and one of the fastest growing Polish export markets. The value of the Polish export to Sweden has reached 3272,9 mln Euro in 2010 (2,9% of the total value of Polish export, increase over the previous year by 0,2% according to Central Statistical Office). That gives Sweden the eighth place among Polish main export markets.

Last year the Swedish Ikea investment in Orla was announced as the biggest investment in Poland (according to Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency). Polish companies have much to gain on so well developing cooperation - for interested article about the Swedish business culture to download HERE

Source: "Puls Biznesu" 20.04.2011, Embassy of Sweden

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