21st Economic Forum – Krynica Zdrój (7th-9th of September 2011)


This year’s topic at Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój, will be the debate over the future of Europe and European Union - common economic policy, its coordination and distribution of funds for the years 2014-2020. 

All the debates are going to have an impact on the position of Europe in the world, as well as its internal development. If the EU would opt for a partnership option, it would definitely help less developed regions to improve, but the pace of reaching the position of the global leader would be slower. On the other hand, becoming a global leader can be accomplished faster by  choosing competition option, but at that time the risk is that chances for new members would be equalized considerably slower.  Hence it is necessary to look for solutions how to assume the leadership position without resigning from active support for the ones, who need help most of all.
Similarly to previous years, the awards of the Economic Forum will be handed out in the following categories: “The Man of the Year 2010”, “The Company of the Year 2010” and   “New Culture of New Europe”. Planned agenda:
1) Day 1 - opening plenary session, Report XXI Economic Forum: "Competition, Cooperation, European solidarity. CEE 2004-2011" and panel debates.
2) Day 2 - plenary session attended by all the guests of the Economic Forum and panel debates. 
3) Day 3 - plenary session attended by all the guests of the Economic Forum and the end of the Forum

More information: http://www.forum-ekonomiczne.pl/236

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