Simplification of procedure of legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland


On February 21, 2012 the government adopted the draft legislation changing the Act on Foreigners.

It concern the conditions of entry and stay of third countries’ citizens (i.e. outside of the EU) so that they can take up employment in profession which requires high qualifications (i.e. qualifications acquired in the process of academic education or during at least 5-years of vocational training comparable with academic education qualifications).

The draft has been forwarded to the Parliament. The legislation is intended to simplify the procedure of legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland.
The changes provide that the permit to reside in Poland for the definite period of time in order to take up employment in the profession which requires high qualifications will be issued by a voivod in a single administrative procedure. The foreigner who will have such permit will be able to stay in Poland also in case he/she is temporary unemployed. A voivod will be obliged to ascertain i.a. whether the foreigner has got proper qualifications, meets the criterion of remuneration threshold and whether an employer may take advantage of the offers which are available on the local labor market.

Contact person: Mirosław Stefanik,


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