Crimfall - a band from Finland in September in Poland

Kraków, Jasło, Warszawa, 25-09-2012

Crimfall combines musical genres from folk to black metal epic enriching them by force of expression. Krusher Band together with Crimfall will play 3 concerts:
21/09/2012 - Kraków - Rotunda
22/09/2012 - Jasło – KRUSHFEST Festival
25.09.2012 - Warszawa - Hard Rock Cafe.

The team sets out his latest album, The Writ Of Sword as a more epic, more monumental, more extreme and more dramatic than their debut. It introduces the listener to new landscapes and seasons. While the debut was the guiding themes of fire and the end of the year, as new work takes us into the middle of the coldest winters in the center of the war against the merciless reality, devoid of heroes and glory. In addition, the album has granted many visitors easily recognizable from the Finnish folk metal scene.



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