Scandinavian Express Poland Sp. z.o.o.: Intermodal oversize load transport by Scandinavian Express Poland - video report


More than two months of preparations - tedious route planning, detailed measurements of all the elements on the road and over 2,000 kilometers covered while checking all the vital information. A lot of effort to meet one goal - at the beginning of November, to transport a fully assembled steel footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists from Gdynia to Malmo in Sweden. The length of the entire transport unit traveling by road was 39 meters, with a total weight of 84 tonnes.

The fully assembled steel footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists was more than 33 meters in length, nearly 6.5 meters in width and weighed 48 tonnes. With the tractor and the semi-trailer, the length of the entire unit exceeded 39 meters while the height reached 4.5 m.

The unusual transport undertaking started in the Tri-City and finished in southern Sweden - in the very centre of Malmö. It involved delivering the cargo first to Swinoujscie, then the footbridge was successfully carried by ferry to Trelleborg, to finally reach where it was to be installed. In total, nearly 700 km to cover.

"It's not a common occurrence that a shipment of such large dimensions is transported via public roads. Moreover, in this case, the level of difficulty was raised by the fact that the unloading was planned in southern Sweden. This meant that in Poland alone, there was almost 500 km to cover" - says Patryk Szymański, Vice President of Scandinavian Express Poland, the logistics operator responsible for the entire transport of the footbridge.

"The preparations for the transport took over two months and involved detailed planning of the whole process, the preparation of equipment, and very precise maneuvers on the route, as well as the partial dismantling of road infrastructure. The ferry crossing was an additional difficulty as placing such a giant in the ferry loading area required prior consultations and preparations, as well as making detailed measurements of both the vessel and the two terminals" - adds Patryk Szymański.

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