Embassy of Iceland: JUNE 17 – Iceland’s National Independance Day


June 17th is National Day in Iceland – a day marking the country’s independence from Denmark in June 1944. The 17th became the official day to celebrate as it falls on Jon Sigurdsson’s birthday; Iceland’s prominent leader in the Icelandic Independence Movement.
There are events happening all day from 10am-7pm with a parade, street performances, games for children, concerts and food!

The celebration gets underway with the chiming of all the church bells in Reykjavik at 9.55am and continues throughout the day with The Icelandic government’s National Day ceremony at Austurvöllur, a parade from Austurvöllur to the Suðurgata Cemetery, antique cars on show, family entertainment at Arnarhóll, an open air chess competition in Lækjargata and Vikings in Hallargarður.

The celebrations aren’t just confined to Reykjavík though – there will be parties all over the country to mark the occasion! See more: icelandmonitor.mbl.is

Source and photo: www.iceland.is

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