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The opening of Office Interiors


The opening ceremony of Office Interiors building took place on 7 May 2009 at 18:00 on Bielany Wroc┼éawskie. The object’s investor is Kinnarps – the European leader in the field of public space and office furnishing. The building was designed by a team of architects under the direction of Zbigniew Walas from the renowned Walas Sp. z o.o. design studio from Wroc┼éaw.

The inauguration ceremony of Office Interiors included participation of municipal authorities as well as invited guests. On a plot of surface of over 9 000 square metres near Al. Karkonoska on Bielany Wroc┼éawskie emerged an office complex under the name of Office Interiors which consists of two four-storey blocks connected by a lower part, amounting to 7 500 square metres of usable floor space, including underground gararges. The building is located as close as possible to Karkonoska Street, covering the wide green space at the back of the object.    

Inside the building there is a spacious foyer with reception area, a cafeteria and a mezzanine. There are also two conference rooms on the first floor and a green terrace on the roof between the two blocks of the building. The rest of the floor space has been allotted for offices.

On the first floor there is a conference centre with two modern multimedia rooms that can accommodate up to X people, available both for the tenants and for outside companies. 

Setting up a new office object in Wroc┼éaw is a very important phase in our strategy of quick development on the Polish market – says Beata Osiecka - Managing Director of Kinnarps Polska.

Office Interiors combines various functions – display, educational and office. On the ground floor there is Kinnarps exhibition room and the office of Kinnarps’ branch in Wroc┼éaw. The other part of the floor space includes offices of tenant companies – Art Budownictwo, Bemolika, Eurovia, Galeria Wn─Ötrza, GetSix, Takachicho, Schleger.

The architecture of the building was inspired by Scandinavian design – simplicity, harmony and naturalness of the used materials – wood, glass and stone. The infrastructure created within the investment makes it possible to set up other objects on the neighbouring plots in the future. We hope that the place where we are in will become a catalyst for new investments at the meeting of Kobierzyce district and the city of Wroc┼éaw – said architect Zbigniew Walas, the investment’s designer.
We are meeting today, on the day of inauguration ceremony, bearing in mind the fact that only 1,5 year ago there was only thick brushwood around. Not so long ago everyone coming to the city was looking towards the shopping centre. Our investment changed the way of looking at Wroc┼éaw. Now everyone’s looking towards this object. Towards Office Interiors! – emphasizes Jaros┼éaw Skrzyniarz, the Local Sales Manager of Kinnarps’ branch in Wroc┼éaw.

Office Interiors – facts:

Decision to build Office Interiors – Spring 2007
Purchase of the plot – July 2007
Commencement of the investment – October 2007
Setting of the foundation stone – 15 October 2007
Roofed building shell – July 2008

The building is ready for use – December 2008
Commercialization of the object – since 2008 until today
Opening ceremony – 07.05.2009

Metric area of the plot  – 9700 m2
Metric area of the object – 7500 m2
Number of business establishments – 14
Metric area of the offices – 100m2 – 500 m2
Investment’s cost – 37 mln z┼é

Investor – Kinnarps Polska Sp. z o.o.
Design and the General Director of the Investment – Walas Sp. z o.o.
Tenants: Art Budownictwo, Bemolika, Eurovia, Galeria Wn─Ötrza, GetSix, Takachicho, Schelger

Kinnarps provides equipment as well as complete solutions for offices and public spaces. Kinnarps is the leader on European office furniture production market. The company sells its products in 35 countries. The whole process of production takes place in Sweden, in three main plants: in Jönköping, Skillingaryd and Kinnarp. High quality and concern about natural environment are present in every aspect of the company’s strategy – from using of the resources to the ready solutions. Apart from Kinnarps’ own furniture, the company also sells products of other brands belonging to the company; these include Materia and Klaessons. The company was established In 1942 by Eva and Jarl Andersson and still remains a family-run business. The company’s yearly turnover amounts to around 3 billion Swedish crowns with 1900 people employed, 1400 of which work in Sweden. In Poland Kinnarps has been present since the early 90s. Today the company has got 7 branches, located in Warsaw, ┼üód┼║, Pozna┼ä, Kraków, Sopot and Wroc┼éaw, providing services for around 1200 clients per year. 

More information and photographs of the object available from:

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