Scandinavian Express Poland Sp. z.o.o.: Building Scandinavia together with NCC!


More than 10.000 tones of reinforcement steel delivered, ca. 500 transports, achieving  timeliness KPI’s under the pressure of hard Scandinavian construction sites conditions and mutual development plans as a result of growing building  market in Scandinavia.  That is a brief 2016 cooperation summary between Scandinavian Express and Hercules Armering – NCC Group.


Short revision: last year NCC appointed  Scandinavian Express as a logistics supplier for reinforcement steel distribution form Hercules Armering Factory in Norrköping to NCC’s projects throughout entire Sweden. Under the contract Scandinavian Express has provided not only transportation but entire logistics planning and coordination process integrated with NCC procedures. Lots of investments were involved in order to accomplish the contract (including new Volvo Crane Trucks, special trailers adjusted to reinforcement steel transportation), as well as trainings to meet the requirements, especially in such a crucial fields like environment, work & safety regulations or drivers communication on the NCC sites.


Taking into consideration 2017 forecast of further increase in building demand (especially housing sector in Sweden), it seems like investments in partnership with building branch in Scandinavia –  was a quite good choice.

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