DSV Group Poland: Green transport in DSV


In the middle of last year DSV Road began the tests of electric trucks, which were used for deliveries for dm-drogerie markt - one of the largest drugstore chains in Germany. This solution worked so well that it has been permanently deployed to support this long-standing customer of the operator.


The noisy, fuming trucks of the past are vastly inferior to modern Euro 6 vehicles. Even so, DSV is taking jet another step forward into the future along with its biggest customer in the Road business.


For this purpose, the diesel engine in 18-tonne MAN truck, TGM type, have been replaced with diesel engine that generates 200 horsepower. This solution allows new e-truck to cover the distance up to 250 km on a single charge. As part of this project, DSV has also installed charging stations at its terminal in Weilerswist so that vehicles can recharge during loading. Additional high voltage outlets were also placed outside some of dm drogerie shops. Currently, the pollution-free deliveries are being introduced to stores in Cologne, Euskirchen, Bonn and the northern Eifel.


Low energy consumption in urban transport is possible through the use of technology, which allows the use of energy from braking to recharge the battery. Even despite the higher purchase price of electric trucks it eventually pays for itself due to its low maintenance and operating costs.


We are always on the lookout for eco-friendly solutions and sustainable technologies. Thee-truck is an important step in this direction – says Christian Bodi, CEO, dm-drogerie markt.


It is very positive that DSV is joining forces with its long-standing customer to get the opportunity to actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions and particle pollution in urban areas. We are very receptive to this type of cooperation projects with our clients – says Peter Fog-Petersen, CEO, DSV Road Germany.


Tests of environmentally friendly electric trucks ware made possible by a grant awarded to DSV by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, which actively supports projects related to electric mobility.

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